So, if you are/were anything like me during pregnancy and beyond, you suddenly became aware of all of the chemicals that you put in or on your body in the form of foodstuffs, household cleaning products and beauty products.

Whilst trying to get pregnant I cut out as many of the typical chemical carriers as possible and once I found out that I was pregnant, changed my beauty regime radically to ensure that what I was putting on my skin or hair (and thus into my system) was as safe as possible.  Having always loved make-up and beauty products this was hard for me, as many of the more natural products did not produce the same flawless effects as those loaded with parabens and unpronounceable chemicals (especially those for the hair….sniff sniff).

However, through trial and error, I now use barely a handful of products and have recently been experimenting with others that I have heard about.  Currently I am experimenting with the many many uses of coconut oil.  You can buy this in health food shops, online or even in the larger supermarkets.  If you want to experiment too, you should go for a cold pressed or virgin coconut oil.  You can eat it, put it on your skin, cook with it etc etc.  I am finding it a one-stop shop sort of beauty product (and me saying this as a reformed product junkie is something!).

Thought I would share what I have been trying (and will write a full list of things I have used coconut oil for in due course), and today’s offering is a skin exfoliator/cleanser to lift away dead skin cells and leave your skin clean, soft, supple and smelling a little bit tropical!

So……you need some coconut oil, you don’t need much, just a scrape or two (a teaspoon max) in the palm of your hand.  Smooth onto your neck and face in an upward motion to get the circulation going.  I then took a shake of baking powder (depending on how much skin you are scrubbing!) and patted it all over the coconut oil.  If you prefer you can mix the oil and powder into a paste before applying to your face but I find it less messy the first way).  Spend a few minutes rubbing your skin gently in little circular motions working from the neck upwards.  You do not have to be rough as the powder is doing the work for you.  When you have finished, run your flannel (I prefer to use cheap ones from the Pound shop as they are a little rougher!) in hot water, wring out and hold over your face with your palms so that they warmth penetrates your skin a little (not to hot though!!!).  Do this for as long as you have time for (usually 30 seconds to a minute is the limit a little person at my feet can tolerate).  Then rinse off as much as you want.  If it is last thing at night, I tend to leave as much of the oil on as possible as a deeper moisturiser, but if I am going out for the day would remove more, if you catch my drift.

You can also substitute finely ground almonds, sugar, salt or oats for the baking powder to vary the benefits of the scrub.  You could also add a drop of a skin suitable essential oil (be careful when pregnant as some essential oils should not be used).

And there you go….smoother nourished skin.  I have quite acne prone skin and have not found the oil to be a problem at all on my skin, just in case you are worried (as I was) about trying it.  Also, don’t be scared about the cost of the coconut oil….I think the tub I use cost £6 but will last for a L-O-N-G time!

Obviously, do a skin test before trying this out if you have any concerns over your sensitivity to the ingredients!

I also have to add, that if, like me, you get very little time to yourself, it is good to do something like this that you can do at home, for yourself without feeling any guilt!  Bargain.  Do a bit of deep breathing and ensure that your posture is good at the same time, and whoah, you’ve achieved a lot in a few minutes.





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